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Give Ease a Chance - Tools for an Easy, Conscious Living

Give Ease a Chance - Tools for an Easy, Conscious Living

Give Ease a Chance is a book about life and a book for life.


It answers the question, why we often create a more difficult life than is actually necessary and how we can easily change unpleasant situations in everyday life by simple tools provided by the author.


The reader is given a new way of looking at seemingly unalterable situations and learns how to handle them with ease and grace.


Here's an extract of the chapter Conscious Choice




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ISBN 978-3-84826-466-7

Title: Give Ease a Chance - Tools for an Easy, Conscious Living

Author: Angelika Ruppert

Publisher: Books on Demand



Extract ...

The Conscious Choice

Choose joyfully.
Choose clearly.
Choose regularly..
And your life will change!!!

To a large extent we have unlearned how to be the creators of our own lives.


Every day we allow our employers to tell us what we have to do - for them. Food, fashion, manners and even leisure activities with their various kinds of in-sports and trends are dictated to us from the outside and ... we let them be dictated to us.


Often others pretend to know better than we do what is good for us. We believe them and adjust our lives accordingly.


Sooner or later we feel dependent, oppressed that fate has dealt us a blow and a false certainty grows in us that we are at the mercy of all this.


We have lost the inner knowingness that we always have the choice to shape and to change our lives.


We often hear ourselves say:

All this shows that we are convinced we have no choice, that we cannot make our own decisions and that we are not able or allowed to choose until we have first gone through the process of consultations, through agreements or compromises.

And yet the conscious choice is the most powerful and simplest tool we have to really direct our own lives. By choosing consciously, our hopes and dreams no longer remain stuck in a desire or dream stage, they really do come true.

Once we make our choice, take a clear decision, all the energies around us start to align. Our choice begins to manifest.

Actually we have all experienced this already. We decide on something and suddenly this very subject appears all around us. We tell someone about it, and this person has the necessary contacts for us or maybe has just read an article on the topic and can help us with this knowledge.

We get all the help we need from the universe. But we are the only ones who can then commit to it and take the next steps.

If our choice doesn't manifest, it might be that the difference between wishing and choosing is unclear to us, i.e. we believe that if we wish for something, we automatically choose it. It is not like that!

Wishing is something airy and vague, that may or may not be real. We long for something, we hope for something, but we do not really want to take responsibility for it. It would be nice, if ...

The choice, however, is a clear decision for or against something. We decide what we really want. There is a completely different energy in a choice; it's the power of personal responsibility. We are committed to it. We made our choice.

If it still does not manifest, then either there is a lack of patience or old and often unconscious beliefs are blocking our plans.

After each decision, it is therefore helpful to feel into it:


These feelings of rejection are often triggered unconsciously, for example, if we have experienced failure in similar situations in the past, as well as by old convictions, beliefs or religious influences.

Whatever may be the trigger: The universe responds directly.


If our fears and doubts are in the foreground, then the universe helps to manifest them. We can therefore assume that it's truly we who are blocking the manifestation of our decisions ... unconsciously of course.

So, what can we do? ...


... more in the book


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