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About me

Angelika RuppertBesides my studies at the technical university in Munich I always knew that reality consists of more than the few things we conceive with our well known 5 senses.


By intense Yoga studies and specific spiritual Yoga techniques I finally got profound explanations about the existence of other realms and I could experience them as well.


During this time I became a Practitioner and later a Supervisory and Masters in Practice Teacher for the EMF Balancing Technique, a technique working with a specific part of the human energy field to help to balance it. This work is closely connected to the work of Lee Carroll, the American Kryon channel. Through this technique I learned to combine science with the non-visible world and to explain why and how energies affect us.


The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing are very effective New Energy methods, with which I have been working too for many years.


In 2002 I heard for the first time about the Crimson Circle, a worldwide affiliation of New Energy teachers and worked till 2020 as a certified teacher for nearly all the Crimson Circle-seminars.


A very intense experience for me was to translate the whole Sexual Energies-, DW-Death-, DW-Ascension-, DW-Life and Aspectology-material into German. This work deepened my personal understanding for these seminars a lot.