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EMF Balancing Technique®

EMF Balancing Technique - UCLWe live in times of highly accelerated human evolution, where new perceptions replace old limitations. In this fast transformation of our consciousness we change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


The EMF Balancing Technique® - with its 13 phases - gives us the possiblity to support this transformational process and to make it easier for us.



An EMF-session is the experience of your own Electro-Magnetic Field - EMF - and the patterns in it.


During an EMF-session of the phases 1-8 you are lying on a massage table. You can relax completely. I move my hands smoothly through your energy field. In some parts of the session I will lay my hands on your body, to support the energy flow. In the sessions 9-12 you are sitting on a chair and I guide you through the session.


13 different phases

The different blocks of 4 successive phases - 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 - have a collective background.


Phases 1-4 are basic sessions. They help us, to balance our energy field.


Phase 1 … Wisdom and Emotions 

… can help a very mind-oriented person to come back to feeling or a very emotional person to become clear about her/his emotions.


Phase 2 …  Self Direction | Self Support

… resolves old patterns and limitations deriving from experiences from the past and we don't have to go through them once more. This releases energies that were bound to the past, so that there is much more energy available for us in the now moment.


Phase 3 … in the Now 

… enhances our intuition, our inherent wisdom which brings us to a new understanding and to new insights in our behaviour patterns. Our self-confidence can grow and blossom.


Phase 4 …  Energetic Accomplishment | Potentials

… often brings a deep trust in our power to create our life in an independent and self determined way.



Phases 5-8 focus on the Practice of Mastery in everyday life. They help us to develop, integrate and express what we want to balance. During the sessions we support and activate energetically different master points.


Phase 5 … Infinite Love 

Courage, transformation, flexibility, humour, creativity, freedom


Phase 6 … Infinite Compassion 

Respect, patience, compassion, balance


Phase 7 … Infinite Presence 

Intuition, focus, discernment, understanding


Phase 8 … Infinite Wisdom 

Trust, integrity, harmony, unconditional love, enlightenment



Phases 9-12 focus on your inner freedom and its manifestation in daily life.


Phase 9 … an issue chosen by you 

You choose an issue with which you want to work energetically. During the session we work with the unbalanced energies, so that this issue can come to a new level of balance.


Phase 10 … the Universal Partner

You integrate YOUR male and female parts. You get to the point of being your own partner and regain your independence, your freedom.


Phase 11 … the Universal Parents 

You take responsibility for everything in your life and you don't need anymore father and/or mother figures outside of yourself.


Phase 12 … the Emerging Evolutionary

You accept and live the constant transformation in your life.



Phase 13 contains parts of phases 1-12. It can be done anytime. You can even start with phase 13 and then continue with block 1-4, 5-8 or 9-12 being already sensitized by phase 13. This phase can also be done as a group session.



Fees per session:


Phases 1-12                                 80 € each

Combination Phases 1+2           140 €


Mother or father + child

(2 sessions)                                 140 €


Phase 13

One-on-one session                       80 €

Session with 2 persons                  40 € per person

Session with 3 or more persons     30 € per person


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