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Munich, Germany

May 8-10, 2020


Sexual Energies School

Munich, Germany

May 30 - June 1, 2020



Mondsee, near Salzburg, Austria

June 12-14, 2020


Dreamwalker Ascension

Munich, Germany

August 7-9, 2020


Holiday seminars - you choose the place

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Important notice:

The Crimson Circle seminars: Sexual Energies School, Aspectology, DreamWalker Death/Birth/Ascension/Life are only available till the end of 2020. So if you are interested in attending, please don't hesitate to register or to ask me for classes in your area.





Sexual Energies School - Crimson CircleSexual Energies School
Physical and psychic abuse
Background - Consequences - Solution




Aspectology - Crimson CircleAspectology
Psychology of the New Energy
Becoming aware of your aspects and integrating them




Dreamwalker Death - Crimson CircleDreamWalker Death
Terminal care
- far beyond death
Training: Certified DreamWalker - Death




Dreamwalker Birth - Crimson CircleDreamWalker Birth
Spiritual Birth Assistance - before, during and after birth
Training: Certified DreamWalker-Birth - 'Adoula-Training'




Dreamwalker Ascension - Crimson CircleDreamWalker Ascension
The Ascension School

Consciously getting off of your reincarnation cycles




Dreamwalker Life - Crimson CircleDreamWalker Life
Living on earth as an Embodied Ascended Master

Joys and challenges of embodied enlightenment




EMF Balancing Technique - UCLEMF Balancing Technique®
Light and energy work of the new energy dynamic

Training: EMF pracitioner | Supervision during internships

Phases 1-8



Holiday SeminarsHoliday Seminars
In your hometown

In a country that you choose

On your favourite island