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Personal sessions are possible at any time, but also phone or distance session.


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EMF Balancing Technique®

EMF Balancing Technique - UCLIn addition to one-on-one sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique - phases 1-13 - I am offering EMF-seminars for personal growth as well as a training to become a certified EMF practitioner for phases 1-4 and 5-8 with supervision during the internship.


Personal Growth Seminars

The different seminars for personal growth of the EMF Balancing Technique® support you to go step by step into a free and self-determined life.


You get to know your energy field - how it is built up, how it is functioning and how you can work with it on your own. With every seminar you get a detailed script. With the detailed information in this script and the energy exercises, you are learning and experiencing during the seminar, you can then work very effectively on your own.


Having completed these seminars you can use these energy sessions for yourself and for your family and friends.


EMF Practitioner Training

The prerequisite for the EMF practitioner training are the seminrs for personal growth.


Additionally you will have to pass an internship encompassing sessions that you are doing with friends or family on your own, several internship discussions with me - personally or by phone - and a two-part practical exam with me.


After having passed the intership you can professionally work as a certified EMF practitioner with these sessions.



Seminar fees:

Phases 1-4 (5 days):     900 € + 19 % VAT

Phases 5-8 (5 days):  1.333 € + 19 % VAT

Internship 1-4:              700 € + 19 % VAT + certification 125 €

Internship 5-8:              free of charge