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Dreamwalker Birth


near Frankfurt/M., Germany

October 4-6, 2018




Nordseeküste, Germany

October 26-28, 2019


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DreamWalker Death - Terminal Care far beyond Death

Dreamwalker Death - Crimson CircleThe funeral service traditionally marks the end of your journey on Earth. However, it is also the beginning of a new journey, as your spirit lives go on in the non-physical realms. What happens in these realms depends on your beliefs and levels of awareness.


When it comes to dying, religions, and even New Age sources of information, do not always provide convincing or satisfying answers to practical questions, and many times people who are dying are left on their own. Consequently, for too many people dying is a lonely and fearful process.


In this three-day seminar detailed information is provided about what happens before, during and after your transition. By the end of the seminar you will have a completely new and different view of death as well as life.


The seminar also allows you to become a DreamWalker facilitator. DreamWalkers provide comfort to loved ones or clients, help them to gently go through the death transition process, and guide them through the non-physical realms.


Seminar Format

This three day class is presented in an atmosphere of safety. It includes eight DVD sessions containing channels delivered by Adamus Saint-Germain of the Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe.


There will also be an actual DreamWalking experience, extensive group discussions and information about becoming a DreamWalker facilitator.


For a short video introduction click on Youtube.


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The seminar fees are 595 US$ ... click here for the currency converter


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