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Personal sessions are possible at any time, but also phone or distance session.


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Reconnective Healing™

Reconnective HealingDuring a Reconnective Healing™-session you are lying on a comfortable massage table. Your eyes are closed. You can let go of everything and just relax.


I'm working in your energy field. There won't be any physical touch during the session.


To have the best of the session, it's advisable to be aware of what's going on during the session and to allow everything that wants to be there. Be open for the experience - you are participating in a positive and fascinating process. During the session you'll get what you need at this very moment of your evolution.


Reconnective Frequences - How they affect you

The reconnective frequences we are working with in a Reconnective Healing™-session

Reconnective Healing™-Session - Possible Effects

Important to know: every experience is unique in what YOU are feeling and how it effects you. It all depends on how far you are willing - consciously, but also subconsciously - to allow changes.


Reconnective Healing™-sessions strengthen your connection to the overall healing source. Therefore it is possible - if you are ready for it - that physical, psychic and/or spiritual healing can occur.


Be aware, that healing is always a thing between you and the universe. You choose consciously and/or subconsciously, the universe answers.



Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl is the acknowledged medium through whom these reconnective frequences have been made consciously accessible.


In his book THE RECONNECTION™ - Heal Others, Heal Yourself, he describes in a very vivid and fascinating way how he was led to this work and he gives deep insights about how true healing works.



Session fees: 80 €


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