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Sexual Energies School - Physical and Psychic Abuse

Sexual Energies School - Crimson Circle

The Sexual Energies School of the Crimson Circle is now only available as a webinar held by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe where questions and personal sharing are not possible.


Having regularly presented the Sexual Energies School in group seminars over many years, I now offer a day for sharing about the webinars.


You'll be provided personal support. Your questions will be answered and you can share the experiences you had during the webinar you attended with the group, if you so choose.


Sharing in a group creates new impulses, ideas and perspectives on the topic. With these new perceptions dealing with your experiences in everyday life may change and become easier.


Of course, you can also take part in this workshop if you attended one of my own seminars in recent years and now want to immerse yourself in the topic again.


The Workshop Format

This one-day workshop for graduates of the Sexual Energies School takes place in a safe setting, in which you are invited to open up and give space to new insights.


We repeat the most important points concerning feeding.


Experiences you had during and/or after the seminar (SES) can be shared with the group and questions can be asked about the topic and how to deal with it in everyday life.

The workshop is for graduates of the Sexual Energies School


Seminar fee: 50 €

Attendees: Min. 3


If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me.