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Sexual Energies School

Zurich, Switzerland

January 24-26 , 2020


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New Energy Breathing Session

ReintegrationIntegration | Balance | Rejuvenation


During a New Energy Reintegration session you allow yourself to expand into other dimensions, but yet be very aware of yourself.


I'm guiding you into deep relaxation. Your consciousness is allowed to expand. Your mind takes a rest. You go deep into your feeling, your sensation.


You allow yourself just to be. Everything is in perfect order.


You might be willing to tell of your current issues. Here you are in a safe space, where you can feel comfortable. Feel free to address any subject – your relationship, your professional life, finances, whatever is important for you at the time being.


Accompanied by your conscious breath, emotions come and go, blockages can resolve. Old stuff is allowed to show up to be transformed and integrated supported by your conscious breath. Whatever might want to shift, we let it happen during this session.


If you intend to change something in your life, you might take a new decision in this expanded state of being. By choosing consciously the change will start.


Conscious breath, safe space and your conscious choice are integral parts of this session.


I will be with you, supporting you over the whole session.



Sessions can be done both personally and by phone – also via Skype. You can choose between sessions of 60 or 30 minutes.


Please contact me, so that we can plan our appointment.

I'm looking forward to you.



Cost per session

60 min. - 80 €

30 min. - 40 €

block of 3 x 30 min. - 100 €