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Sexual Energies School

Munich, Germany

February 22-24 , 2020


Dreamwalker Ascension

Büsum, North Sea Coast, Germany

March 11-13, 2020


Dreamwalker Death

Büsum, Germany

North Sea Coast

March 14-16, 2020



Mondsee, near Salzburg, Austria

June 12-14, 2020


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New Energy Synchrotize - Your Conscious Choice

New Energy Synchrotize - Crimson CircleIn our modern times we have forgotten how to create our lives according to our inner self.


We have employers who tell us every day what we have to do ... for them. What to eat, how to dress, how to behave and even our leisure time activities with this vast diversity in different kinds of sports that are in or out or other events of any kind ... everything is dictated from outside and ... we accept it.


Often others pretend to know better what's good for us than we do - more than anything or anyone the advertising industry - and we believe them and live our lives according to their wishes. After a while we are dependent on them, have a feeling of being suppressed, of always being met by one's fate and the - WRONG - inner certainty of having no choice arises.


The knowingness of ALWAYS having the possiblity to choose how we want to live, when and what we want to change, is gone.


Instead, the conscious choice is the most powerful and the most simple tool we have to direct our life in a self determined way. By choosing consciously our wishes and dreams don't stay any longer just wishes and dreams, they will manifest and become real.


During a New Energy Synchrotize-session a detailed preliminary talk will help you to become aware of your main issue and to find out what you want to change in your life at the time being and what you want to choose with regard to that.


After our talk I guide you with simple steps into realms where you are very relaxed and where you are able to clearly express your choice and then allow it to manifest in your life.


You will learn again to choose and to create your life in a joyful and easy way.


The sessions can be done as telephone sessions as well. If you want to fix an appointment please contact me before.



If you intend to become a New Energy Synchrotize facilitator, to be able to work yourself with clients with this method, click here.


Session fee - New Energy Synchrotize: 49 €